Why SEO Is So Important For A Website

Ivan Asem
16 March 2021

Whether you’re starting a new website or revamping an old one, search engine optimisation (SEO) should be a focal point. Gone are the days when a good looking website was enough to rank on Google. All in all relevance is the only thing that matters.

SEO on some blocks

What is SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s visibility to website users through non-paid methods. 

SEO primarily focuses on the content that currently exists on websites. SEO experts change this content to align with SEO best practices, thereby improving the site quality and driving more traffic to it over time.

SEO helps Google understand what your website is about

Search engines like Google and Bing require sensible content to understand what a web page is. Google is the biggest search engine thus we well only discuss Google.


Google crawls the internet every day to analyze new web pages, store them in an index and provide them to users as search results. When a website is not SEO friendly, it won’t get indexed correctly thus users will not be able to find that website.

People can find you online.

Having a beautiful website is great but, what’s the point if no one can find it? SEO ensures that Google understands how to index your website for search results. In other words, good SEO makes it easier to find your website. When websites make improvements regularly, Google improves their visibility.

Visibility on search engines can be a recursive process. The more visitors that see your website, the better your website will rank with each visit.

Receive high-quality traffic.

Most budding website owners want as much traffic as they can muster. However, high-quality traffic leads to mind-blowing results. If you own a store that sells baby products, it wouldn’t be sensible to have thousands of children visiting your site every day. Instead, your website should attract people expecting a child and new parents.

Google uses relevance as a significant ranking factor. An easy way to measure your website’s relevance is to see how many people convert to a sale or a sign up compared to how much traffic you are getting. In short, is your website achieving its purpose?

Save money on advertising.

Millions of websites exist today, therefore gaining visibility can be expensive if you are using pay-per-click advertising. The easiest way to cut down the cost of visibility is through SEO. In particular, ensuring that every visitor has a good experience on your website.

Markedly, organic clicks produce better results over the long run. Visitors who arrive organically are more likely to revisit your website if they have a good experience. Moreover, those visitors are more likely to share your website.

What we offer

At InstaSense, we have a deep understanding of search engines. We offer SEO and SEM services to give your website the best visibility. In short, we help you achieve your goals. 

Feel free to make use of our free SEO audit service to understand the gaps in your website. We are experts in SEO and Google Ads.


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