Why Does Social Media Matter?

Ivan Asem

5 March 2021

Social Media

Business owners often overlook social media because of how they apply it to their own lives and because of the perceived audiences that exist on each platform. Instagram used to be thought of as a platform where Millennials and newer generations share content that doesn’t appeal to older audiences. This is shifting as the platform is becoming more focused on its ability to aid commerce. That’s essentially the future of all social media.



Facebook has over 2.7 billion active users who use the platform daily. People mostly use Facebook to connect with friends, loved ones and colleagues to share life updates and opinions. One could argue that Facebook’s key feature is the user’s ability to join groups.


Business owners fail to see Facebook’s potential by looking at it at face value. Facebook collects information on people’s interests and gives everyone access to like-minded individuals. That presents a terrific opportunity for niche businesses. Finding the ideal buyer for a specific product before spending money on market research is possible through Facebook’s wide range of communities.


Instagram is a visual platform owned by Facebook. It originally started as a place for people to share photos with captions attached to them. Since Facebook took over Instagram, it’s visual capabilities increased. Now Instagram allows it’s users to share short videos, long-form videos, story updates that disappear after 24 hours and so much more.


Instagram and Facebook have evolved to serve business owners too. You can create a business on either platform and start selling at very low start-up costs. Engagement is the key driver for visibility on both platforms. That ensures that every interaction made enriches the overall Facebook and Instagram experience for their users.


LinkedIn is a place where business professionals shine. If your business is not on LinkedIn, it might as well not exist. The platform gives users a variety of tools to showcase their profession, their skills, their company and their offerings.


Linkedin is the perfect starting point for business to business sales.


Pinterest is another platform where visual content thrives. Pinterest is mainly divided into boards and posts. A post is an idea, an image or a blog piece. A collection of posts that share a similar theme or idea can be grouped into a Pinterest board.


Pinterest has a sophisticated algorithm that can identify posts and group them before users. Content on Pinterest has a wide organic reach.


TikTok is a video-based platform that allows users to record short clips to share with its community. The platform started as Musically, 


TikTok is great for fighting the human attention span. 


Twitter is a text-based platform where users share their opinion in 200 characters or less. 

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