Intelligence for your camera – to give you more peace of mind.

Key features:

No connection? No problem!

  • The system can run without an internet connection.
  • Solar options are available.

Personalised dashboard reporting

  • Hot spots / Heat map
  • Location of cameras
  • Live feed
  • Incident reporting
  • Camera health checks

Real time video analysis

  • This permits the capability of automatically analyzing a video to detect and determine temporal and spatial events.
  • Smart object detection enables you to recognize various objects and events and allows Artificial Intelligence programs to pick out, identify and compare certain objects i.e. humans, animals etc.
  • Event probability detection compares events and give a probability score for the result of the occurring event.

Everyone’s involved

  • Allocate responsibilities in the case of different events.
  • Track incidents.
  • Add contacts to be informed in case of emergencies.

Push notifications

  • By using Artificial Intelligence and modern computer technology, you will receive push notifications when an object has been detected.
  • What you want to see, when you need to see it.
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