Instasense is fast approaching its first birthday! The first year was a hectic but very rewarding, thanks to a star-studded team, hard work and diligence! Since our official launch in April 2017, we noticed that our service has been much needed and so warmly welcomed among personal, wildlife, construction, and business clients.

While there are as many trail camera brands as users in circulation, Instasense aims to be the one and only practical solution to keep all the pieces working together in harmony.

Here are a few achievements in 2017 that we consider worth mentioning:

  • Not only did we launch a web portal to view photos, but also an iOS and Android compatible APP, with Calendar and Camera views.
  • Our System is currently working on multiple brands of trail and IP cameras on the market, and ever expanding.
  • We have our own trail camera brand, the InstaCam 3G, that works seamlessly on all our portals and brags with its own unique “one-click-setup” features.
  • The use of AI (artificial intelligence) and smart image recognition filters to analyse images at split-second speeds.
  • Initial filters launched include Human-, Vehicle- and Animal-Detection.
  • Adding the option to buy airtime/data directly from the Instasense App.

Along with all the other App developments and growth on the trail camera side, here are a few main goals that we aim to reach in 2018:

  1. Merge our software system with other IP camera brands.
  2. Introduce the newest InstaCam 4G.
  3. Launch UltraSense.
  4. More advanced filters.
  5. Enhance the trailcam and App user experience and ease for our customers.

We promise many more exciting things to come, but we assure our clients that Instasense will make 2018 even better than the year before

Kind Regards

WA Burger

CEO – Instasense