To setup, your InstaCam follow these instructions.

Register on

(Note) If you have already registered an account on please login with this account and skip this step.

InstaCam Register

Adding a camera to your MySense profile

Select the cameras tab

InstaSense cameras page


Select the Add Camera Button in the bottom right-hand corner.


Enter a name for your camera and press the ADD CAMERA button


Camera Name

You should now see your camera in the Camera list.


InstaSense Camera List

Select the Camera that you have just created.

InstaSense Camera Edit

Select the Camera Service Provider menu item. Proceed to select the Cellphone Provider that you are using and press the back button.


InstaSense Providers

Select the Camera Type menu item. Proceed to select the camera type as InstaCam and press the back button.


InstaSense Camera Edit InstaCam Type

Type in the cell phone number of the sim card that you are using in the InstaCam


InstaCam Enter cell number

Select the Notifications Menu item and turn on the desired notifications.


Notifications on InstaCam

Update your camera setting by selecting the UPDATE CAMERA button.


InstaCam Enter cell number

Your camera should no longer show a question mark.


Setup Status

Check your InstaCam

Please check the following on your InstaCam

Batteries are installed and fully charged.

The sim card is installed and that the sim card has airtime or data.

Sim card number is correct.

Turn on the Camera by placing all switches to the on position.

Ensure that the camera is facing toward you. Press the SEND CAMERA SETUP button.


InstaCam Enter cell number

Wait for the camera to complete the setup steps. There is a total of  7 steps that needs to be completed. Once you see the complete message your camera should start sending photos


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