How Digital Marketing Helps Grow Your Business

You have probably heard the term digital marketing before. Digital marketing is an umbrella term for digital promoting efforts, which include social media, digital PR, email marketing, digital ads and so on.

The digital marketer’s job is to use these digital channels to promote a business’ message or product/service offering in order to generate awareness and increase the digital audience’s interest in that product or service.

Here are six digital marketing strategies that can help grow your business:

1. Social Media Marketing

Build relationships with influencers on social media platforms, so you can tap into their digital audiences to promote your brand messages.

– Create digital ads for social networks and digital media publishers, so you can reach digital audiences and increase awareness for your brand.

– Execute digital advertising campaigns via social networks to expand your digital audience and drive engagement.

2. Content Marketing

Create content (blog posts, infographics, videos) related to your product/service offering that is valuable and shareable with digital consumers

– Create digital ads that embed links into your digital content

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing will enable you to reach your existing customers and new audiences.

Invest in a good CRM tool and leverage the power of email marketing to reach your customers at a low cost.

4. Digital PR

Create a digital image of your brand and manage the sentiments of your customers. A good PR strategy is a great way to retain loyal consumers and grow your loyal customer base.

5. Google My Business

Optimize your digital listings (name, address, telephone number) with digital consumers in order to increase digital traffic and findability.

– Leverage digital ads to promote customer reviews for your brand

6. Paid Social Media

Increase digital consumer reach and engagement through digital advertising on social networks like Facebook and Twitter

– Use digital ad campaigns to promote digital content for your business to digital consumers

Note: These digital marketing strategies are not inclusive of all digital marketing activities. Be sure to read the digital marketing guide on InstaSense to learn digital marketing best practices.

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