Step 1: Getting Started

  • Insert SD card into computer
  • Format the SD card and make sure no folders or anything is on it
  • Use the CD/Software that came with your camera
  • Run Setup
  • Select the correct camera model (ex. 6210MG)

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Step 2: Under Camera Setup

  • Increase Interval to 2min
  • Click Get time
  • Select the SD card drive
  • Click Generate
  • Click Exit

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Step 3: Under SMTP Setup

  • Change SMTP mode to Manual
  • GPRS Setting
    • APN = internet
    • Account = Web
    • Password = Web
  • Sender
    • Smtp server =
    • Port = 3000
    • Send email = (Your camera’s ID on the App) @
    • Password = Test
  • Recipients
    • Email 01 = (Your Camera’s ID on the App) @
  • Select the SD card drive
  • Click Generate
  • Click Exit

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Step 3: Finishing Setup

  • Place SD card into the camera and place on “test” to insure the settings have worked. Red “G” on the bottom left means everything went as planned.
  • Switch Camera off and on

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