Step 1: Putting everything together

  • Insert SD card
  • Ensure the antenna is attached
  • Insert sim and ensure there is airtime or data loaded on it
  • Insert 4 AA batteries and ensure they are inserted correctly
  • Place camera is in test mode

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For the InstaCam camera the test mode can be accessed by flipping both switches on the camera to “ON” and then by pressing the “OK” button

Step 2: Add Camera on Website/App

  • Create account on or App (Apple / Android)
  • Select “Cameras” from the menu (left-hand side)
  • Select + in the bottom right of the screen
  • Name your camera and give it a short description
  • Select “Add Camera”

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Your camera should now appear in the list on the cameras page with the name and camera type (default type “other”).

Step 3: Edit Camera Details

  • Select “Cameras” from the menu (left-hand side)
  • Select the Camera you just created
  • Select Camera Service Provider (sim cards)
  • Type in Sim Card number (have to start with a country code (RSA: 27))
  • Select “Send Camera Setup” to link camera to app
  • Loading Screen will appear with 8 steps
  • Make sure there is motion in front of the InstaCam for the duration of the steps

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Your camera should now be active.


  1. Niel Nel

    Hi Is it possible to live stream with the camera because the sms massage has to long delay

    • Hanrich Potgieter

      Hi, Niel

      No, it is not currently possible to live stream from the cameras. We have attempted this in the past. However, it degrades the battery life of the camera

      Hanrich Potgieter

  2. Una

    Having difficulty with one camera
    Bought two
    Second camera shows photos on app but first one only sends mms
    We have put them side by side and gone through all the settings and do not see a difference
    Please help

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