Step 1: Add Camera on Website/App

  • Create account on or App (Apple / Android)
  • Select “Cameras” from the menu (left-hand side)
  • Select + in the bottom right of the screen
  • Name your camera and give it a short description
  • Select “Add Camera”

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Your camera should now appear in the list on the cameras page with the name and camera type (default type “other”).

Step 2: Edit Camera Details

  • Select “Cameras” from the menu (left-hand side)
  • Select the Camera you just created
  • Select Camera Service Provider (sim cards)
  • Type in Sim Card number (have to start with a country code (RSA: 27))
  • Click “Download Config File”
  • Insert camera sd card into computer/laptop
  • Load download file onto camera’s sd card (Make sure file name is “mms.cfg”)

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Step 3: Putting everything together

  • Insert SD card containing the downloaded file
  • Ensure the antenna is attached
  • Insert sim and ensure there is airtime or data loaded on it
  • Insert 4 AA batteries and ensure they are inserted correctly
  • Turn camera on

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Your camera should now be active.