Step 1: Putting everything together

  • Insert SD card
  • Ensure the antenna is attached
  • Insert sim and ensure there is airtime or data loaded on it
  • Insert 4 AA batteries and ensure they are inserted correctly
  • Place camera is in test mode

For the InstaCam camera the test mode can be accessed by flipping both switches on the camera to “ON” and then by pressing the “OK” button

Step 2: Add Camera on Website/App

  • Create account on or App (Apple / Android)
  • Select “Cameras” from the menu (left-hand side)
  • Select + in the bottom right of the screen
  • Name your camera and give it a short description
  • Select “Add Camera”

Your camera should now appear in the list on the cameras page with the name and camera type (default type “other”).

Step 3: Turning MMS service off

  • Press ‘M’ (left-hand side) to open the camera menu and using the arrow keys on the camera navigate to the MMS option.
  • Press ‘OK’
  • New options will be displayed. Again using the arrow keys navigate down to the ‘OFF’ option and press ‘OK’
  • The MMS Setup should now be turned off

Step 4: Turning GPRS service on

  • Navigate down to the GPRS Setup
  • Press ‘OK’
  • The screen will now display 3 new options: APN, User Name and Password
  • Press ‘OK’ to enter the APN
    1. Using the arrow keys navigate through the characters and press ‘OK’ to lock in a character (use ‘<’ arrow on the left of the screen to delete characters not the navigation arrows).
    2. Enter: internet
  • Navigate to the ‘^’ character on screen to save
  • Navigate to the User Name
    1. Enter: guest
  • Navigate to Password
    1. Depending on the service provider enter the following
    2. Vodacom: guest
  • Leave open if MTN
  • Press ‘M’ to navigate back

Step 5: Turning SMTP service on

  • Navigate to SMTP Setup
  • Press ‘OK’
  • Navigate down to Mail Server IP
    1. Enter:
    2. Save by pressing ‘OK’ on ^ character
  • Navigate to port
    1. Enter: 3000
  • Mail Account
    2. To get the id open the MySense app and navigate to the ‘Camera’ tab
    3. If a camera is already added click on the camera to be taken to the edit camera page to see the unique id of the camera
  • Mail Password
    1. Enter: test
  • Press ‘M’ key to navigate back

Step 6: Turning FTP service off

  • Navigate down to FTP Setup
  • Press ‘OK’ and navigate down to ‘OFF’ and then ‘OK’ again
  • The FTP setup should now be turned off

Step 7: Turning Send To service on

  • Navigate to ‘Send To’
  • Navigate to ‘Email1′
    1. Press ‘OK’ and enter
  • Press ‘M’ button to navigate back

Step 8: Finishing Setup

  • Turn camera off by switching both left and right switches off
  • Switch both left and right buttons on. Do not press OK or MENU button. Attach back battery pack
  • Wait a few minutes for the first photo to arrive on the App.



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