Step 1: Putting everything together

  • Unpack all components (included: Trophy Cam, antenna, user manual, belt, USB cable, PIN Code warning leaflet).
  • Check that the Trophy Cam switch is in the OFF position.
  • Insert the SIM card into the Wireless Trophy Cam HD (slot on top left edge), make sure the SIM card is activated and the PIN Code (Sim Lock via password) is deactivated. If the SIM card still has a PIN code protection, the Trophy Cam Wireless will not transmit.
  • You can ask your local shop to do it for you. You can do it yourself by inserting the SIM card your phone, and by deactivating the PIN CODE/SIM lock in the settings.
  • Install batteries (12x AA lithium) and an SD or SDHC card (up to 32GB).
  • The Trophy Cam can operate with only 4 batteries but Bushnell recommends using a full set of Energizer® Lithium AA batteries (12) to obtain maximum battery life. Do not mix old and new batteries, do not mix battery types (lithium and/or alkaline).
  • Attach the antenna by screwing it onto the socket at the top of the camera. Remove the small black rubber cap, which you can keep for future use/storage. Do not over tighten the antenna.
  • Install an empty and formatted SD card (up to 32GB – SD card or SDHC).
  • You are now ready to start the settings, move the Switch to SETUP and wait for the screen to load.

Step 2: Setup Process

  • First, make sure to put the Menu of your Trophy Cam in your language of choice.
  • By using the left arrow, find the “Wireless Setting” screen in the menu. Select “Send by:” and press OK
  • Select Email via SMTP and press OK to use your Trophy Cam as an email sender.
  • In this SMTP sub-menu, select “Manual” and press OK
  • GPRS Setting
    • APN = internet
  • Sender
    • Smtp server =
    • Port = 20
    • Send email = (Your camera’s ID on the App) @
    • Password = Test
  • Wireless Setting
    • “Sendby:” >> “Email via SMTP” >>  SMTP Type = “With SSL”
  • Recipients
    • Email 01 = (Your Camera’s ID on the App) @
  •  Before going to the ON mode, you can perform a test by sending a test image, to do so click on the Left-arrow button. The screen will display a Test in Progress.

Step 3: All done and ready to go

  • Once you have finished your setting in the previous steps (Step 1 or 2), the Trophy Cam green bars will blink a few times until you know you are connected to the network.
  • You can slide the switch of your Trophy Cam from SETUP to ON position.
  • As all normal Trophy Cam do, the LED on the front face of the Trophy Cam will blink 5 times before being ready to take/transmit pictures.
  • Remember that your Trophy Cam can operate in two different battery modes. Either WAKE mode or ECO mode. Both modes have their specificities and ECO mode is the default mode. Either mode can be selected only by sending SMS commands from your smartphone ( #wake# or #eco# ) with the phone number which controls the Trophy Cam.
  • By default your Trophy Cam is in ECO mode when you buy it.



    Why do you not remmend rechargeable batteres

  2. Hanrich Potgieter

    Hi, Dave

    We actually do recommend rechargeable batteries. We recommend using batteries with at least 2500mAh capacity.


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