EPS Software Engineering AG is a software engineering company located in Wil, Switzerland.

Client since 2017

Wil, Switzerland

Software Engineering Company

Online Marketing


EPS needed a way to put their Atlassian product offering ahead of the competition. They also wanted to draw attention to their brand and satisfy their existing customers.

Vox Mobile Application


InstaSense has been working with EPS since 2017 offering them marketing, graphic design, and software engineering services.


EPS Mobile Website

InstaSense handles the marketing of EPS Software Engineering AG. We specifically do the marketing for EPS’s Atlassian apps that they sell to customers worldwide, providing them with digital marketing services such as Google Ads, LinkedIn marketing and YouTube advertising among many others listed below.

One of the main events that the InstaSense marketing team attends each year, with EPS Software Engineering, is the Atlassian Summit. The Atlassian Summit took place in Barcelona in 2018, Las Vegas in 2019 and was to be held in Las Vegas for 2020, however travel was banned due to the Covid-19 virus. The InstaSense marketing team is flown out to Vegas for over a week to build brand awareness and recognition of, as well as promote and sell the Confluence apps that EPS has developed.

As EPS has many English speaking/international customers, we assist them with customer communication and document translation. We support EPS with communication between the brand and their clients over LinkedIn, email, the Atlassian marketplace and the Atlassian Summit. When it comes to documentation or website content, we assist them in translating all German text to high-grade English in order to appeal to their international market.


Alongside the marketing of their apps, we design their app logo’s, marketplace graphics, brand development elements such as their corporate identity, stationery and showcase materials such as trade show and exhibition designs.

We assist with the branding of promotional items, infographics and illustrations, social media graphics, website design and any other user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) work. The design process includes all aspects such as wireframing ideas for designs, creating alternative options, the approval and discussion phase as well as the implementation of the designs.

EPS Mobile Website


Since 2018 InstaSense has been assisting EPS with designing and developing custom solutions to unique problems that users might encounter on the Atlassian Ecosystem. These solutions come in the form of installable macros that enhance or extend current functionality on Atlassian’s Confluence.

In 2020, InstaSense is focused on assisting EPS with cloud implementations of already existing server-based solutions. Implementation of new features involve the analysis of existing server-based implementations, and from this analysis, determine if a feature is relevant to cloud and finally, implementation of the feature if deemed relevant.

Support is one of the most important aspects of this project, as the client regards its customers above all else. As such we are required to respond to user requests within a designated amount of time and attempt to resolve their issues as soon as possible.

InstaSense has thus far assisted in successfully implementing three products on the cloud platform. These include “Easy Dropdown Menu”, “Space Tree Creator”, as well as their flagship product “Page Tree Creator”. We continue to support as well as assist in the development of new features for these products, and we aim to add even more solutions to the cloud family.


Page Tree Creator, is one of EPS’s most successful apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. We scripted and developed, using the services of Indie Village Creative, an advertisement for Page Tree Creator to be used as a marketing tool on LinkedIn, YouTube, the Atlassian Marketplace and for any future promotional efforts. The video features our CEO, one of our shareholders and one of our key team members.   


In order to promote and build awareness around EPS’s latest app, Easy Confluence Translator, we recommended and developed a short clip that would be used on YouTube as a marketing tool. The animation is shown as a skippable YouTube advert where the first 5 seconds of the animation is intended to draw Confluence users to use the app.


Atlassian Summit 2019 in Las Vegas, United States

Stephan Sutter (EPS – former CEO), Benny Villiger (EPS- software engineer) and Geena Kolbé (InstaSense- marketing and account manager)

Supporting the Springboks 2019 World Cup Campaign

Christian Schmid (EPS- CEO), Stephan Sutter (EPS- former CEO) and WA Burger (InstaSense – CEO)

EPS team at the Grand Canyon in Nevada, United States

Stephan Sutter (EPS – former CEO), Raphael Vogt (EPS – Software engineer), Benny Villiger (EPS – Software engineer), Lizette Le Roux (InstaSense – Graphic designer) and Geena Kolbé (InstaSense – Marketing manager)

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