How Dealerships Can Achieve Marketing Success

Ivan Asem

8 March 2021

Digital Marketing

With over 1600 franchised automotive dealers and 8200 second-hand dealerships in South Africa, the automotive dealership industry is highly competitive. Standing out from the crowd can be very challenging, especially for small dealerships. Now is the time to rethink your current marketing strategy and bolster your stocks.

car keys on a dashboard

Get to Know Your Customers

The first step in any marketing plan should always be focused on the customer. The more you know about a customer, the easier it is to understand their needs. A customer-centric approach ensures business success because, at the end of the day, people want to feel important and there is no one more important than your customer.


In the automotive industry, you could be talking to someone who falls into the following groups: cross-comparison buyers, decided buyers, undecided buyers, bargain buyers or impulse buyers. These buyer groups all have different needs that are clear to define. 

Showoff your fleet

Representation is everything in 2021. As a car dealership wanting to stand out from the rest, you should focus on how to draw attention to your fleet. The industry standard for years has been taking pictures of pictures of a car and posting it to a website with a description of the vehicle and its specifications. To truly be different you need to take things a step further.


Think about how customers would like to see a car in action. Incorporate as many senses as you can into the presentation of a car and think about what a customer would like to experience before getting to your lot. Buying decisions are mostly emotional and you need to use every tool in your toolbox to tap into buyer’s emotions.


For example: a video showing off the cars best features is an excellent way to get customers interested. Drive the car in the video to show potential buyers how the engine sounds. You can tell a lot about a car’s health from the sound of its engine and this is often a sweet spot for car enthusiasts.


Develop your communication strategy

How will your customers reach you? How will you answer any questions that a customer has? 


Putting a communication strategy into place allows dealers to communicate with customers in a way that will always benefit the company while making customers feel good. A communication strategy also ensures that every dealer has enough information to give to a potential customer. 

Never forget a lead

A lead is a wonderful thing to have but not every lead converts right away. In most cases, you can only convert 2% of your leads. This means that to get 1 sale, you would need to contact 50 people. Does this mean you should forget about the other 48 people? Not at all.


Leads don’t convert for several reasons. They might not have enough money at the time. They might be waiting for a vehicle that’s right for them. They might also just need a little convincing. Whatever the reason is, it’s important to build a relationship with that lead and solve their problem to close a sale.

Go Digital

Car buyers in 2021 are online. Therefore it is crucial to reach them online with a good digital marketing strategy. According to Google, 86% of all internet users start their search online. This is becoming the new normal for car shopping.


At InstaSense we cover the A to Zs of a powerful digital marketing strategy for our clients in the automotive industry. Get a stunning website with ads that collect leads for you. Focus on converting leads while our social media team makes your car dealership look good. Beat the competition with custom-built software to meet your specific needs.


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