InstaSense App Deleting Photos

Here is a small demonstration of how to delete photos on the InstaSense App.

How to reset your InstaCam

Resetting your InstaCam Follow these instructions carefully in order to reset the InstaCam. Turn on the camera by Switching the right and left-hand switch to the ON position. Turn on the InstaCam display by pressing both the M and OK … Continue Reading

Integrating a Arduino with My Sense. Assistance needed?

I started to work on a small project this last while. I was wondering if it would be possible to build  Arduino camera and integrate it with our MySense page. Here is my first result. If there are any electronic maestros … Continue Reading

InstaSense flying drones in Dinokeng.

I had the unique opportunity to experience first-hand how drones are paving te way to battle poaching. I was invited to view a drone flight at the Dinokeng nature reserve. With my friendly host Robby and his colleagues, we explored how this technology … Continue Reading

How to setup a InstaCam (Automatically)

To setup, your InstaCam follow these instructions. Register on (Note) If you have already registered an account on please login with this account and skip this step. … Continue Reading

Can you run a InstaCam on rechargeable batteries?

We have had many requests on whether or not it is possible to run a trail camera on rechargeable batteries. The short answer is yes you absolutely can. However, there are common pitfalls. Standard rechargeable batteries will not work. This is … Continue Reading

InstaSense at Nampo!

We will be attending Nampo this year. So feel free to visit us at the Afgri stand.

InstaSense online store almost completed

We are working hard to bring the InstaSense online store online.