5 Things To Keep In Mind For Your 2021 Digital Strategy


DATE: 1 MARCH 2021


There is plenty of opportunity in 2021 to make the best of your online marketing strategy. With over 1.8 billion people shopping online, it’s important to have your digital strategy in tip-top shape. In this article, you will learn what to keep in mind for your digital strategy in 2021.

Digital Strategy Metaphor


Think Mobile First


Since we live in a fast-paced society where everyone is on the move, it makes sense to consider that we want to be connected all the time. That is why consumers spend more time on mobile than on any other digital medium. Our phones are always on and always connected.

Tailoring your communication and marketing for a mobile-first experience will lead to much success. That means making sure that text should be in a format that is easy to read on a small screen. File sizes for audio and visual content should be small enough to download fast.


Attention is valuable

People get bombarded with large amounts of information daily. The price of content consumption is attention which is why content creators fight for everyone’s attention with everything produced. The best content follows a few simple rules and captures the most amount of attention. 


If someone is consuming your digital content, it needs to short and sweet. Long blogs are for dedicated fans and, short write-ups are for new visitors. Your most important information needs to go to the top of a page and, you should always open with an attention-grabbing statement.

Social Proof Matters

We are social creatures by nature. That means that many of our decisions are supported by what everyone else is doing. Social proof is powerful in driving a decision. Social proof needs to be an important part of your digital strategy. How do you collect proof? How do people feel about your products and services? How can you get people to promote your business for free?


Social media is the easiest place to collect and communicate social proof. 

Consider Having an App Built

In 2021, consumers will do more business online. Having a website is a great first step. However, people still have to search for your business and find your website before they can interact with you. An app shortens the distance between you and your customer. 


When your business has an app, it creates an impression of completeness for your customer. It allows them to take fewer steps before making a decision and it makes communication cleaner. 

Mobile First
Social Media Attention
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