Guide – Bushnell Trophy Cam setup

Step 1: Putting everything together Unpack all components (included: Trophy Cam, antenna, user manual, belt, USB cable, PIN Code warning leaflet). Check that the Trophy Cam switch is in the OFF position. Insert the SIM card into the Wireless Trophy … Continue Reading

Guide – Ltl Acorn setup

Step 1: Getting Started Insert SD card into computer Format the SD card and make sure no folders or anything is on it Use the CD/Software that came with your camera or download here v1.2.020 Setup or v1.3.021 Setup Run … Continue Reading

Guide – InstaCam 2G setup

Step 1: Putting everything together Insert SD card Ensure the antenna is attached Insert sim and ensure there is airtime or data loaded on it Insert 4 AA batteries and ensure they are inserted correctly Place camera is in test … Continue Reading

InstaSense App Deleting Photos

Here is a small demonstration of how to delete photos on the InstaSense App.