How to reset your InstaCam

Resetting your InstaCam Follow these instructions carefully in order to reset the InstaCam. Turn on the camera by Switching the right and left-hand switch to the ON position. Turn on the InstaCam display by pressing both the M and OK … Continue Reading

Integrating a Arduino with My Sense. Assistance needed?

I started to work on a small project this last while. I was wondering if it would be possible to build  Arduino camera and integrate it with our MySense page. Here is my first result. If there are any electronic maestros … Continue Reading

InstaSense flying drones in Dinokeng.

I had the unique opportunity to experience first-hand how drones are paving te way to battle poaching. I was invited to view a drone flight at the Dinokeng nature reserve. With my friendly host Robby and his colleagues, we explored how this technology … Continue Reading